Building a Great Physique is 80% Diet and 20% Exercise? (The Real Truth)

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“Success is 30% Gym and 70% Diet”…

“Diet is 70% of your results.”…

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen this statement.

It makes sense, right? Diet seems like the hard part. Exercise is not complicated.

You just get a workout routine, go to the gym, and hit the weights… somehow the body knows what to do, right?

Unfortunately, that's not how things work…

I've spent the last 8 years of my life coaching entrepreneurs and busy professionals on how to get in amazing shape.

One of the biggest things most men lack when they come to me for mentoring is an intelligent workout plan customized to their body and lifestyle.

How do I know? It's very easy to tell.

Even after years of training they barely gained any new muscle after the initial “newbie phase”.

That's despite having plenty of food to build muscle.

Something was missing.

And that something is the signal to build muscle.

Most people forget that eating itself isn't what builds muscle.

Don't get me wrong… Nutrition is a very important part of the process.

But training is what signals the body to use the building blocks from food and turn them into muscle.

If training is not optimized, nothing happens.

Imagine a construction site with all the tools and materials, but the workers on site have no plan or incentive to start working.

That's equal to having enough nutrients available but no good workout routine to put those nutrients to use.

I also want to make one thing clear… when I'm talking about building muscle I'm not talking about getting huge.

I don't work with jacked bodybuilders… 95% of my clients are not competitive athletes.

They are entrepreneurs and busy professionals who value their fitness, but fitness is not the only thing in their life.

Also, I've personally never been interested in the “bodybuilder look”.

We all have different goals, and for me, the unnatural body most gym bros want isn't very appealing.

And it's the same for my clients.

What they want is a natural, lean, healthy, muscular body. The one you see in movies such as Fight Club, 300, Thor, James Body…

Now, here's what most guys get wrong.

Just because actors in those movies don't look as big as a jacked bodybuilder… guys assume the training part isn't as important to get the same results.

That plus the mainstream wisdom “diet is 70%” is enough for guys to start neglecting training.

“You know… I only want to gain a little bit of muscle, I don't want to get too big.”

You might have had the same thought. (BTW. I used to think that as well.)

But here's the truth…

1 – You won't get “too big”. For that, you need special “supplements”. The kind they don't sell at GNC. And the kind that destroys your health.

2 – The real problem is not building enough muscle. Here's why.

Even if you manage to lose body fat and get lean… If you haven't built a solid base level of muscle, the physique won't look all that impressive.

Not only that, losing fat will be much harder.

Example: Let's say you're starting at 185 lbs and you want to get to 10% Body Fat to see your six-pack.

If you carry 130 lbs of muscle, you'll have to go all the way down to 144 pounds to be at 10% Body Fat.

And if you carry 148 lbs of muscle, you only need to get to 164 pounds to be at 10% Body Fat.

That's 20 lbs more! It's a massive difference in time and difficulty to lose 40 vs. 20 pounds of fat.

For that reason, with my clients, I don't just focus on losing fat but also building muscle at the same time.

Think of building lean muscle is a long-term investment. It pays dividends for decades to come and it's a very safe investment that's hard to lose.

On the other hand, guys who are just focused on losing weight and don't optimize their training, almost always fall short of reaching their goal.

Diet fatigue kicks in, metabolism slows down, and you still have 10-15 lbs of fat left on your stomach. Sound familiar?

Best case scenario, you end up seeing a tiny bit of their top 2 abs, or a blurry 4-pack.

And that point, guys start complaining how hard it is to get rid of that last bit of belly fat.

…”It's stubborn. It doesn't want to come off…”

Look. It's not diet or training. It's not one or the other!

You MUST fully optimize both.

Following the mainstream “70% diet, 30% training” wisdom leads to years of frustration.

And what's even worse, guys will spend a fortune on useless supplements that could harm their health.

Don't be one of those guys. No magical supplement will solve this.

Also, more random workouts from Instagram won't get you there. You MUST work hard and smart.

It comes down to an intelligent training, nutrition, and recovery plan that's specifically designed for you.

That's the only way to break through and get the results only the 1% of men will get to experience in their life.

Now, if you don't know where to start to finally “crack the code”, get lean, and live a healthy lifestyle… here's what I have for you.

My team and I have some time aside in the next few days to talk to you personally and see how we can help you get to your goal.

We opened up spots in our calendars at

When you open that page, you can schedule your Free Fitness Assessment call.

A few things about the call:

1 – The call is Free, but it's not for everyone! We only want to talk to those who are a 100% committed to reaching their fitness goals.

If you're a dabbler or a ‘tire kicker' this is NOT for you.

2 – During the assessment, we will get clear on exactly what's holding you back, we'll define your goals, and then see what you need to do to get there.

3 – If Fitness Mastery is a fit for you, we can also talk about that, and see if you qualify to join us.

In any case, after the call, you will be 1 step closer to your dream body.

So if you're serious about finally getting in the best shape of your life, go to, schedule your call, and let us help you.

See you on the other side!

Mario Tomic
Creator, Fitness Mastery

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