About Mario Tomic

Mario Tomic

Hi, my name is Mario Tomic. I'm the CEO & Founder of Tomic.com

We focus on helping entrepreneurs and busy professionals get in the best shape of their lives and build a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

In the last nine years, as I built Tomic.com I've spent over 10 000 hours on studying and coaching fitness, nutrition, and the psychology of high performance.

Along the way, I've presented at health, business, and personal development conferences all around the world and have traveled to over 52 countries. My videos have received more than 14 million views with a community of over 100 000 members.

My Story

More than a decade ago, before I became an entrepreneur and started this coaching company, I worked as a software developer and a system admin after graduating with a master's degree in computer science.

Never would I have imagined that fitness would have such a significant impact on my career and life. It led me to change my career goals, health, relationships, and to discover my life purpose.

This photo you see below is a comparison of myself from a decade ago when I was working as a software engineer and me today.

Growing up I was a nerdy scrawny kid. I spent my days playing video games and tinkering with computer hardware while my peers were playing sports, partying, and chasing girls.

I was not the most popular kid in school or college, far from that. I was the average shy guy in the corner who would never raise his voice because he never thought his opinion mattered.

Fitness became a part of my life after graduating from college. It was the catalyst for change that came at the right time.

It helped me get rid of a bad World of Warcraft addiction (I was a pro gamer in my early 20s), it increased my confidence, made me more social, changed my belief system about personal development, and made me happy and proud of my own body.

I realized that if you put in consistent hard and smart work you can level up any area of your life. Nothing is off limits with the right systems and the right actions.

That's exactly what I did. I become obsessed with leveling myself up in the real world. Same as I used to level up video game characters.

Today, I'm confident to step in front of hundreds of people at live events to share my story and experiences and to present my material in front of millions of viewers online.

At Tomic.com, I've developed a mentoring program Fitness Mastery which is specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and busy professionals become a healthier, stronger, and happier version of themselves.

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One thing that most people don't know about me is that I'm originally from Croatia (my last name is pronounced Tomich), that I live a minimalist lifestyle, and that I'm a big fan of Dragon Ball (it inspired me to never give up as a weak kid).

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Company Vision

To be the world's most results-oriented fitness and personal development company, to empower every person on the planet to be more, achieve more, and become the best that they can be.


To use the most up-to-date scientific research and the latest technology to help anyone, anywhere, live a healthy lifestyle and reach their full physical and mental potential.

Our Core Principles

  • Client success always comes first
  • Integrity is not negotiable
  • Long-term success over short-term gain
  • Focus above all
  • Question everything and be able to give up any belief in the pursuit of truth
  • Hold yourself and others to the highest standard
  • Life is a journey of continuous improvement
  • Take massive action
  • Never settle for anything less than the best
  • There are no magic pills


My journey into personal development started with a simple realization: “I know I'm capable of much more so how can I can reach my full potential and make a real difference in this world?”

After reading 500+ books, going through hundreds of scientific articles, and spending 10,000 hours of my craft… the answer was clear.

If I was to reach my full potential and make a real difference in the world, I must work on mastering all three areas of life:

1) Health and Fitness

Building an amazing physique is one of the hardest things I've done in my life. I'm not blessed with any special genetics and I had no one to show me how to do it. I had to figure it out by myself.

At the same time, mastering my health and fitness is one of the most rewarding things I did in my life.

The energy that comes with a strong healthy body and a sharp mind enabled me to show up at my best every single day for my family, friends, my staff, and my clients.

The confidence and presence that comes with being in amazing shape instantly communicate that you're a type of person who doesn't settle for average.

For me, I truly believe handling my health was the foundation for all of my success. It transformed my body and my mind from a lazy overweight WoW pro gamer to someone who is making a real difference in the world.

2) Contribution

We all have a duty to serve the world through our expertise. My expertise is fitness, nutrition, optimizing human performance, and having a deep understanding of how to make yourself do what needs to be done consistently.

Through my craft, I'm able to add massive value to the world and serve others.

By contributing to the world we achieve a deep level of fulfillment and success.

This was never about the money for me. I live a simple life. But it is about challenging myself to grow my business to a point where it can serve tens of thousands of people per year.

3) Relationships

I believe a great life is one that you share with others.

Having great relationships is as important as everything else you'll ever do.

After all, even the best physique and all the financial success in the world doesn't matter if you're alone.

Those are my big 3.

I hope my work adds value to your life, saves you time, inspires you, makes you more efficient, and helps you reach your goals.

– Mario Tomic

My Reading List:

I spend at least one hour every day reading. These are my top book recommendation.

Social Media:

Instagram: @MarioTomich

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