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Get In The Best Shape of Their Lives

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Meet Some of My Amazing Clients

Richard, 51 – Serial Entrepreneur
Chicago, US

Brad, 30 – Cambridge, US
Serial Entrepreneur – Forbes 30 under 30

Max, 29 – Vienna, Austria – Entrepreneur

Arthur, 31 – Portland, US – Medical Science Liaison

Cory, 38 – Calgary, Canada – Design Engineer

Asmund, 31 – Oslo, Norway – Dentist

Andy, 34 – Chicago, US
Entrepreneur –

Jason, 49 – Illinois , US

Ian, 39 – Brisbane, Australia – Entrepreneur

Chris, 31 – Austin, US – Entrepreneur

Diego, 32 – New York, US – Product Manager @ Google

Alfred, 27 – Canvey, United Kingdom – Entrepreneur

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Fitness Mastery™ is an invite-only mentoring program with Mario Tomic.

To get invited into Fitness Mastery, the first step it to schedule a fitness Breakthrough Session to see how Mario can help you transform your body and if you're are a good fit for the program.

My name is Mario Tomic. I'm the CEO & Founder of

I'm also the creator of the Fitness Mastery™ mentoring program, where over the last 10 years, we helped over 600 entrepreneurs and professionals get in the best shape of their lives and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

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