What's Really Holding You Back?

by | Personal Development

99% of the time there is absolutely NOTHING stopping you from taking your life to the next level… BUT yourself.

That thing you feel crappy about doing? That thing you're avoiding to start? That is exactly the thing you need to do right now.

The truth is… Making that choice to exchange discomfort for progress is a skill.

It's a skill that requires practice.

You can't expect to start doing it perfectly today… just like you can't just start doing anything that requires skill.

And how to master this skill?

One thing that helped me get practice at choosing discomfort is exercise.

Yes. Plain ol' getting out of the house to go lift some weights.

Each time when you feel like not doing it, and you hit the gym that's one big rep for your discipline muscle.

And all it really takes is overcoming that first moment of discomfort, pack your bag, and get out of the door.

There's one thing about procrastination that we forget…

Procrastination will crush your dreams no matter what you want to do.

It will hold you back from improving everything. Your fitness, your relationships, and your business.

And that whisper in your ear trying to distract you from doing hard work when you know you should… That is the real enemy.

It's not another person, not your environment, not the government, not the Illuminati, or anything else out there.

To be successful, you have to become good at defeating that feeling every single day.

So next time you feel that pull toward instant gratification… Take one second, observe it, acknowledge it, and move on to do what has to be done.


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