What Supplements Should I Take? (The Truth)

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I've been getting this question, “What supplements should I take?”, for a decade already so I decided to share my current thoughts on what supplements might be worth it for you.

In general, supplements play a minor role in whether you will lose weight or build muscle. The effects are insignificant compared to nutrition, training, recovery, and overall lifestyle.

But because a lot of people talk about “best supplements” and there's a lot of hype for supplements due to fitness influencers who claim many benefits, it's easy for us to associate great physiques and results to taking a supplement.

What Supplements Should I Take (VIDEO)

The truth is, whether you're losing body fat or gaining lean muscle has little to do with the supplement stack you're taking.

Then again, there are certain supplements which may be worth it. Supplementing with Vitamin D when deficient or other vitamins and minerals is not a bad idea if you've already done everything you can through nutrition. Vitamin D, in general, is pretty hard to get when we spend a lot of time indoors, and if we live in a climate without a lot of sunlight.

Other supplements such as creatine monohydrate or protein supplements might be worth it as well depending on your situation. Having said that, there are a lot of commonly used supplements such as BCAA which we have a lot of new research which shows a lack of benefits. In the case of BCAA, that is something I wouldn't recommend

I talk about about this and other supplements in the video as well as some of my experiences with pre-workouts as well as other supplements. Enjoy!

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