The Trap of “Potential”

by | Personal Development

Nowadays it's trendy to talk about having all this untapped potential… or how far one can go before reaching full potential.

It's fun to think about it.

Dreaming about all the possibilities…

But, there's a trap I see way too often.

I see guys talking about having “great potential,” but never doing anything about it.

That dude who claims “I can lose fat really fast… I have awesome genetics, and my body builds muscle easy if I just do some training.”

And you see him sitting at 25% body fat looking like he didn't lift a day in his life and he doesn't do anything about it.

The reality is… At some point, you will have to put that potential to the test…

Just thinking you have some great potential won't get you far in life.

Doing something about it will.

Don't let yourself get crippled by the fear of failure and don't let that self-image of “I have amazing potential” hold you back.

The truth is, you'll never know what you're made of until you go out there and try something.

You can think about it all day, but nothing will happen.

Only when you turn those thoughts into action can you put your potential to the test and see you're truly capable of.

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