How To Prevent Muscle Loss (When Going From 20% to 10% Body Fat)

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Preventing muscle loss is one of the most important elements for long-term success when it comes to getting lean and staying lean. It's especially important to consider muscle loss when going down to 10% body fat.

The lower your target body fat, the higher the chance of losing muscle. For that reason, we must use all available strategies to optimize our fat loss system and ensure we maintain or even build muscle while losing body fat.

Optimizing the process of going from 15% body fat to 10% body fat is especially important when the end goal is a lean athletic physique.

When going from 20% or higher body fat down to 15% body fat there is less chance of muscle loss, but these strategies for better training, nutrition, and lifestyle will still improve the end-result.

How To Prevent Muscle Loss (When Going From 20% to 10% Body Fat)

I hope that this video helps you reach your fitness goals more efficiently and that you can learn from some of my mistakes as well as the mistakes I see others make.

Enjoy the video!

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