Are You Stuck at 15% Body Fat (The Truth)

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Have you ever wondered why so many guys get stuck at 15% body fat and can't get any leaner?

In this video you'll learn the truth behind why so many guys hit a fat loss plateau at this level of body fat.

Video: The Truth About Getting Stuck at 15% Body Fat

I've struggled myself to get below 15% body fat for almost an entire year before I noticed the shift that had to occur so I can finally get my physique to 10% body fat.

I was ready to give up, but luckily I didn't, and I'm here today to be able to share my experience with you.

That was years ago and ever since I've maintained a physique between 10-12% body fat while sometimes even going below 8%.

Because I see many guys struggling with this sticking point I decided to share my thoughts in the video above to help you on your fitness journey.

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