The Diet Roller Coaster

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Five pounds down, five pounds up.

Seeing the weeks go by without any lasting progress…

Always on the lookout for the next easy fix…

Those are SOME of the symptoms and side-effects of being stuck in what I like to call the “DIET ROLLER COASTER”.

More than 80% of hard-working men that want to get in shape are stuck in this neverending roller coaster ride.

And it doesn't only affect beginners trying to get leaner for the first time.

Even seasoned lifters and athletes fall into the weekend “Gain / Purge” cycle.

It sometimes takes only one weekend of extra food and few extra pounds on the scale to trigger that desire to go on a very aggressive cut for the next few days…

That's how it all starts.

You gain a few pounds; you lose a few pounds.

Then the next weekend comes… and now you think back how the last “purge” allowed you to get away without having a plan so now you eat and drink even more.

Next morning, you know the weight on the scale will jump up. If you even dare to step on it. Most men don't.

It's interesting how a tiny device like a weight scale can trigger so much fear and avoidance in a grown man.

Now you cut even harder. Go even more aggressive with a diet.

And soon before you know it, it happens again… and now you got yourself locked into the Weekend Roller Diet Coaster.

So what’s the EXIT?

There are three parts to getting out of this trap, and you have to do all 3.


Look… If you're stuck in this loop, the first step is to stop lying to yourself that it's all going fine.

If it's happened to you a few times, it's already become a habit.

The longer you keep making the same mistake, the harder it will get rid of it.

And I get it…

I've been there. My definition of a diet used to be five days of nothing but chicken, broccoli, and rice followed by 2 “Cheat Days” on the weekends.

Guess how far I went with that strategy?

I didn't lose any weight. In fact, after 12 weeks I ended up with 4 lbs of extra fat.

That wasn't even the worst thing. The biggest problem was that after 12 weeks I was mentally and emotionally drained.

For five days of the week, I would be extremely strict… but just those two days on the weekends were enough to wipe out the five days worth of effort.

It was extremely frustrating.

Most of my most successful clients fell into the same trap.

We did what we were old by the mainstream diet gurus, but it didn't work for us.

And the sad truth is that it doesn't work for most people.

Sure… some people make it work short-term… But in my eight years of being in this space, I've never seen this approach work long-term.

So if this is happening to you right now, you must stop it right now before it gets worse.

Once something turns into a deeply rooted habit, it's much harder to get rid of it.


I know that when things don't work out as you expected that it's tempting to go for the new diet.

A new diet that promises the world.

It's exciting…

It feels like you're taking action and making things happen.

But here's the problem…

This is PRECISELY what you got you stuck in that DIET ROLLER COASTER in the first place.

And it's not the solution.

A problem caused by a strict diet WILL NOT be fixed by going on another strict diet.

…most people don't want to hear that.

They'd rather live in La La Land where calories don't count, and everyone is living happily ever after…

A new diet, no matter how impressive the marketers made it seem, is not a permanent solution.

It's just another unsustainable quick fix sending you down the path of losing 10-15 lbs which you know won't stay off for long.


Most of my clients work 10-12 hours per day.

Lack of hard work is not an issue. They're not the type of people to settle for a mediocre life or an average body.

But they also take time off.

They spend as much of their weekends as possible with friends, partners, and families.

A lot of that involves food. It also includes a few drinks.

That's life.

Wanting to enjoy some food and having a few drinks on the weekend is going to happen.

That's NOT going to change, and getting results is NOT about avoiding situations like that.

It's about designing a lifestyle strategy that works together with this,

My clients, who on average lose 40 lbs in 4-6 months, know precisely how to enjoy themselves on the weekend.

I know how their metabolism works.

Then I can guide them on how much to eat, what to eat, and when to eat…

And how it all fits the big picture so they can keep losing 1-2 lbs of fat every week while living the life they want.

That weekend isn't happening in a vacuum.

If you don't have the right strategy, one or two days without a plan can wipe up a whole week's worth of progress.

That's exactly happened to me as I described earlier. I hoped it would just work out.

“Hope” didn't turn out to be a good strategy for me.

The truth is…

It's not a magic trick that you're missing.

I'm not a magician. I'm a coach.

It often takes a few tweaks and a clear structure to make this work.

But it's essential that you DO NOT SETTLE for any strategy that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

It's not going to be sustainable, and you won't get the lasting results you're looking for.

Listen, if this resonated with you and if you know you've been stuck in the “DIET ROLLER COASTER” then let me help you fix this.

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We'll do a full assessment of your situation and get 100% clear on the exact issues holding you back from getting in the best shape of your life.

Then we'll take a look at what lifestyle you want to live, and how to get you there.

And only if we're a good fit for each other, we’ll invite you to join the Fitness Mastery family where we can support you on your journey.

If our strategy is not a fit for you, we'll tell you that too.

Either way, the call will bring you at least one step closer to escaping the “DIET ROLLER COASTER” trap.

Talk soon,


P.S. If you’re not getting the results you want, either your STRATEGY is broken, or you don't have the right SUPPORT. We can fix both problems, but not if you don’t book a call.

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