Help!! I Blew My Diet

by | Nutrition

A quick reminder if you think you “blew your diet”…

Eating that one pizza didn't suddenly make you overweight.

You don't eat a juicy burger and wake up the next day with 30 lbs of extra fat on your waist.

Same as doing one workout and eating one salad doesn't get you ripped overnight…

No matter how good that workout was or how “clean” that salad was, it's not enough to create change.

The truth is, meaningful changes in any direction take time. It takes reps to change.

Your body and the health you have now is a result of weeks, months, and years of small daily choices.

These choices are what compounded into the result which you now see in the mirror.

That's the reality… It's not that one drink you had the other day, and it's not that one week vacation you took a few months ago.

What you have now is a result of what you did most of the time, not once in a while.

So don't beat yourself up over one single event.

Your success won't come down to a single event, no matter the outcome.

The secret lies in embracing the journey and “surrendering” to the life-long process of bettering yourself.

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