5 Reasons You’re NOT Building Muscle (Are You Stuck?)

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The two primary elements for developing a great physique are increasing lean muscle mass and lowering the overall body fat percentage. While fat loss is a crucial component for health as well as aesthetics, building muscle is equally as important.

Here are 5 reasons you might be stuck not building muscle and what you need to do to start making progress.

5 Reasons You’re NOT Building Muscle (VIDEO)

The truth is, even a couple of days mindless overeating and snacking can lead to gaining weight. Most people underestimate how much influence these factors have on consistency.

In fact, the end goal of a fat loss phase is to reveal the progress we've made through intelligent training, nutrition, and recovery It's easy to get caught up in the trap thinking losing body fat is all that matters but the truth is, building more muscle is what enables long-term success with fitness and makes every future fat loss phase easier.

In this video, we'll talk about all three of those components: exercise, nutrition, and recovery. I will address 5 reasons why you might not be building muscle or why you might be stuck not making any progress in the gym.

These are 5 common mistakes I keep seeing people make, which then has them looking the same year to year without making any significant improvements. My hope is that by sharing my experience and this information, I can help you build more lean muscle and get unstuck on your fitness journey.

Enjoy watching!

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