Am I Too Old to Get a 6 Pack?

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Yes! Not going to happen! Unless you’re 16yo, there’s ZERO chance for you to get ripped. Those jacked guys in the gym, they’re all on gear.

Case closed!

That was literally what I heard from a random dude at a birthday party last night. The guy was in his early 40s. He was showing me some old photos of him,  back when he was “in shape”.

Back then he was rocking a solid 6 pack. Now, however, his massive gut was hard to hide.

Okay, 2 am may not be the best time to have a productive conversation about fitness. But that guy was convinced he can never get back in shape.

I’ve heard this from many people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and above. “The curse of age”. You’re slowly getting out of shape and there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

Can Your Body Get Back in Shape Past 40?

Most people think it can never happen. It’s sad!

So many give up and accept the “fact” they’ll never look ripped. Though if YOU are still reading, then you haven’t given up on that idea just yet.

Here’s why you shouldn’t:

  • Not taking proper care of your body will make you age faster
  • Excessive body fat levels directly increase your mortality risk
  • Quality of life is highly impacted by your level of fitness

Let me put this way:

  • Will you simply accept the fact you’re getting old, fat, and useless?
  • Can you imagine a future where you’re barely functional, and on a buttload of pills?
  • Will you let your physical condition prevent you from enjoying time with your family?
  • How can you enjoy your golden years if you’re too broken and in pain?

It sounds scary! But many people adopt a very negative mindset once they enter their 30s…

Is It Too Late For You to Get Shredded?

Yes, your body starts deteriorating past 25. But the process is very slow and gradual.

I’m not going to lie. Getting and staying in shape is easier when you’re young.

BUT the difference is not that big. It’s stupid to think you’ll be an old grandpa at 50. Humans can live up to 100+ years.

How do you think people survived several hundred years ago? They still made it to an old age WITHOUT the convenience of modern technology. Life was full of manual labor.

Aging degrades your work and recovery capacity. But doesn’t render you incapable of leading a normal life. The same applies to your physical appearance and health.

How to Get Fit in Your 30s, 40s, and beyond?

Here’s one of the biggest deceptions of our age:

  • Fast food chains, social media, and car culture are making us get fat and unhealthy.

It’s easy to avoid responsibility. To blame other factors for your appearance and health. Even if we assume that’s the case, does this help you in any way?

If McDonald’s CEO publicly apologized for making you fat, would that change what you see in the mirror? Would it make you feel better? Would your health suddenly improve?

Processed food and sedentary lifestyle make it hard to stay in shape. But just like guns, they don’t kill you. Your choice to use them in a certain way is what can slowly end your life.

Kids can handle the negative effects of modern life better. But expose them to enough Pop Tarts and video games, and their bodies will also crumble.

The opposite is also true. Take good care of your body as an adult (or even a senior) and it will stay functional for a long time.

Is Age Just a Number?

Modern lifestyle poses certain risks to your wellbeing. But there’s another important component that amplifies its negative effect.

That’s the shift in priorities in your life.

As a teenager, you have the advantage of age. But you also have the advantage of time.

Not a lot of stress (excluding that related to the rapid hormonal changes in the body). No crazy deadlines. No work projects. No serious family obligations.

If you’re 20 and your sole purpose in life is to get jacked, there aren’t many obstacles in your way.

Talk about a busy dad, balancing work and family, while ALSO trying to find time for the gym… Now things get tricky.

How to Get in the BEST Shape Of Your Life?

It’s NOT that getting ripped at 30+ is impossible. It’s simply a bit harder.

You may be thinking “Yeah, I get it. But I’d rather keep my beer belly, and focus on other important things in life”.

Remember the first part of this post? Abs, while cool to have, are also a fairly accurate measure of your physical condition and health.

If your energy levels are chronically low, you’re dealing with all sorts of pains, and your brain is not operating at optimum efficiency >>> THEN how the heck can you focus on other areas in your life?

The older you get, the more important it becomes to take care of your body. When you’re young you can get away with a lot more. Aging makes it hard for you to keep abusing your body.

Take action and work towards improving your physique and health. Don’t do it for vanity, do it for your family, friends, and your business.

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