The Risk of Not Taking a Risk

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Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and think of what could go right.

On the surface, this sounds very simple, doesn't it? What difference does it make to change a few words?

…in fact, it can make all the difference in the world.

I see so many fellow entrepreneurs fall into the “defense”, missing out on exponential growth, and eventually losing everything…

And a question for you: How often did you assume something wouldn't work before trying?

I challenge you to look back, reflect, and think of the times where you were “playing to not lose” instead of “playing to win”.

You see, being preventive focused seems like a great strategy to avoid risks and continue focusing on the things you're good at.

“Double down on what works… why risk by trying something new?”

There is some truth to that, but isn't avoiding trying things a risk in itself?

Isn't avoiding new things risking the opportunity to progress in new areas and grow further?

My point is… both trying new and sticking with the old are risks.

Both are necessary to a degree. I just find most people play defense way too much.

And over the years, in both my personal life and in business., some of the best things came out of dedicating a little bit of time to testing.

Actually, one of those tests was creating videos. At first, it was just an experiment. There was no clear goal.

Today, 600 videos later, this simple test has changed my life more than I ever thought was possible.

It has brought more opportunities and success to me that I ever could have imagined.

And it all came because one day Mario decided to turn on the camera and try to make a video without looking like a fool. (And I did look like one in that first video)

So yes…

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.”

That idea has the potential to change your life if you embrace it correctly.

I had a million reasons not to step in front of the camera that day… and most of those reasons at that time would have been very rational.

But I took the leap anyway, and that one leap is probably why you even know I exist today.


Mario Tomic

CEO & Founder

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