Drinking Alcohol and Fitness (My Experience Dealing with Social Events)

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When I first started my fitness journey, I noticed that alcohol became one of the biggest roadblocks, which was slowing me down and stopping me from achieving my fitness and life goals.

I would be on track with my diet and fat loss from Monday to Friday, but then the weekends would come, and one drink turned into two, two turned into five, and before I knew it, I was drunk and out of control. I would often overeat and ruin a whole week of dieting in just two nights of going out.

Because I see so many struggling with managing alcohol and fitness I decided to share my experience and the strategies which helped me manage alcohol effectively while dieting and getting leaner.

I hope that my experience can help you manage drinking alcohol so that you too can reach all your goals while enjoying a vibrant social life.

Drinking Alcohol and Fitness (My Experience Dealing with Social Events)

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