Building Muscle While Losing Fat (When It Happens And What To Do)

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Looking to build muscle while losing fat?

Here's what you need to know about building muscle while losing body fat, when does this occur, and how to change your program to enable a body recomposition.

Building Muscle While Losing Fat (VIDEO)

Building muscle while losing fat is the ideal outcome for any fitness program that's focused on weight loss. By adding more lean muscle, you won't only get a better physique at the end of your diet, but maintaining a lower body fat level will be a lot more sustainable.

The body recomposition effect is likely to occur for beginner lifters or lifters who trained for years but haven't been training with an optimized program.

Another category would be a lifter who has gains good results in the past but now is coming back after a break from training. In this case, muscle memory would enable this individual to regain a lot of muscle while also being in a fat loss phase.

Finally, individuals who have a lot of weight to lose while also being far from their maximum genetic potential have the highest chance of building muscle while losing fat.

If any of those cases describers you, then you might be able to build more lean muscle while lowering your body fat. In this video, you'll learn more about when this is possible and how to adjust your program to make it more likely to occur for you.

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