These 3 Mistakes Are Destroying Your Chances of Getting In The Best Shape of Your Life

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Over the last 8 years of helping entrepreneurs and professionals get in amazing shape, I've noticed that a small percentage of guys “crack the code” and start seeing massive transformations…

… and at the same time, 95% of guys keep struggling and never really experience a breakthrough.

After spending 10,000+ coaching hours on this, it became clear that the low-performers were making critical mistakes.

And these mistakes alone were enough to destroy any chance they had of a breakthrough.

So here are 3 things that guys do wrong that robs them of the opportunity to take their health and life to the next level:

❌ MISTAKE #1 – They come into this conditionally committed.

There's a BIG difference between being a 100% committed to a goal, and being committed only until it gets tough.

And one of the fastest ways you'll fail is with the “one foot in, one foot out” attitude.

“Yeah, that's all great Mario, but I have this thing…”

“Yeah, I know I need to get off my butt and do something about this, but let's wait until next week…”

“Yeah, Mario, but I need to talk to my cat and I need to do more research until I finally start doing something…”

The truth is, even 1% lack of commitment to the process is enough to destroy the whole thing.

Make a tiny dent in an eggshell and now the integrity of the whole thing is compromised.

Lack of consistency is what a guy gets when he's conditionally committed.

That 1% will be enough for your own mind to talk you out of success.

When the moment of decision comes that 1% will show up and steer you down the path of failure.

❌ MISTAKE #2 – They think it's all about the next magic tip.

It's always about the next thing…. isn't it?

You watch Dr. OZ talk about Garcinia Cambogia today, next time it's all about Acai Berry… then it's about Cayenne Pepper… and then some other one. It NEVER ends, does it?

And lucky for you, he's got you covered with a 50% off at your favorite supplement store…

Look, if you're stuck right now, and you're not getting the type of results you know you're capable of… I guarantee you a 1000% it's not a supplement that you're missing.

What you need is a complete 180 turn in the way you do things and a breakthrough.

Success is not about some magical herb that's going to come in and fix your life for you.

❌ MISTAKE #3 – Wasting time chasing one-size-fits-all solutions

It doesn't take an Einstein level of intelligence to figure out that we're all different.

We have different genetics, environment, lifestyle, fears, issues, experiences, and goals. To name a few.

Then… for the love of God, why would you think that someone's fitness routine will be the same one you need?

And I see this all the time. Guys spend half a decade jumping from one Bodybuilding .com workout to another… hope they'll finally discover the one.

Spoiler alert: Your plan isn't going to be found by randomly browsing the web searching for the next cookie-cutter program.

In fact, you can spend a lifetime trying this stuff out. And it's only when you get into a program that is custom-made for you that you can start experiencing transformational results.

And I get it. Most guys I've worked with have tried more programs than I have and it hasn't moved them an inch toward their goal.

All it did was make them frustrated. When you're a high performer, you get frustrated when you don't have control over your health.

And for some of you, it's time that you regain that control and that power.

For those of you who are looking to step and finally start seeing transformational results, here's what I have for you.

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On the call, we're going to assess your current situation, work with you to determine precisely where you need to go, and then work on a gameplan to get you there.

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Talk soon.

-Mario Tomic

Founder and Creator of Fitness Mastery

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